Become a Champion

Constant curiosity propels us to explore and to understand!

The Champion More Curiosity campaign seeks support from our entire community of advocates, supporters, Members and lifelong learners. Together, we can strengthen our community, transform young minds and launch quests of discovery.
Through philanthropy, we can reimagine and transform the museum experience and inspire future generations.

Cincinnati Museum Center’s reimagining of the exhibits and activities inside the restored Union Terminal is bold, vibrant and engaging. This is a rare moment to enhance an experience by incorporating the best of Cincinnati Museum Center’s past with exciting new galleries, acquisitions and interactive elements. As we open up our treasures to the world and bring the world to Cincinnati, we work shoulder-to-shoulder to engage our community in monumental moments of epiphany, wonder and connection.

Ready to fuel the next great discovery? To learn more about how you can Champion More Curiosity and how you can help build a dynamic, bold museum experience, please reach out to our Philanthropy Team by calling (513) 287-7036 or email