Transformational Impact

Cincinnati Museum Center (CMC) announced in January 2021 the gift of a $1 million grant to its Youth Programs courtesy of the Stillson Foundation, Fifth Third Bank, Trustee. The grant will help fund the youth development program focused on museum content delivery, college prep, career readiness and volunteerism.

CMC’s Youth Programs started with a pair of students in 1989 and has grown to include over 100 students annually, including 117 in the 2019-2020 class. In its 32 years, Youth Programs has blossomed into a premier youth development initiative that prepares youth for success in high school, college and beyond. Since its inception, Youth Programs has graduated nearly 2,000 participants who have contributed more than 260,000 volunteer hours to CMC.

Preserving the Past and Conserving the Future

In addition to the Louis & Louise Nippert Charitable Foundation’s capital support to build out cornerstone exhibits in the Museum of Natural History & Science, the Greenacres Foundation has also helped support the operating needs of Cincinnati Museum Center. In early 2020, Carter Randolph dedicated the year as the first year of WWTND - What Would The Nipperts Do? Little did he know that would lead to the donation of over $1 million to local organizations supporting our community during the COVID-19 pandemic. This included the Greenacres Foundation’s first grant in support of Cincinnati Museum Center’s educational programming. “Cincinnati Museum Center represents a unique community asset. It deserves the support.”

Time, Talents and Treasures

The unprecedented $224 million restoration of Union Terminal was made possible by the Save Our Icons campaign—one of Cincinnati’s most successful levy initiatives to restore the National Historic Landmark. This support reflects the backing of the community. The restoration is now complete, but there is still significant work needed to ensure the interior space and exhibits are of the same world-class quality for which Cincinnati Museum Center is known. With this project comes the need for extensive gallery and exhibit upgrades and a stronger foundation to sustain this work into the future.

Today, we have the opportunity to dream boldly and to accelerate our mission to improve lives and enrich our community. James Zimmerman realized this was an opportunity to step up and to make an impact.

Leaving a Lasting Legacy

Robert and Donna are no strangers to museums. Growing up they both have fond memories of exploring the Museum of Natural History & Science when it was still on Gilbert Avenue. More recently, they’ve become actively engaged with promoting science in the community. Together, they’ve organized the March for Science Cincinnati and created the lecture series Science on Tap at Urban Artifact which pulls in a wide range of experts on a variety of topics, including many Cincinnati Museum Center staff and curators. Robert and Donna have a planned gift to secure their legacy at Cincinnati Museum Center for future generations.

“We wanted to give back to Cincinnati Museum Center. Not only for what it gave to us as kids, but for what they’re giving to the community now and to future generations.”
-Robert & Donna Hermann

Unlocking Future Potential

Cincinnati is a place of boundless optimism, creativity and ingenuity. From the civic DNA of trailblazers like John A. Ruthven and Neil Armstrong, ours is a dynamic city of discovery for science, art, culture and history. Cincinnati Museum Center amplifies our city’s pioneering leadership by sparking curiosity in people of all ages.

The Farmer Family Foundation was created in 1988 by Richard T. Farmer, Founder and Chairman Emeritus of the Cintas Corporation. Cintas, headquartered in Cincinnati, is a leading example of how creativity, ingenuity and dedication can build a company that supports over one million businesses across the country and around the world.